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About Jet Biofil

Jet Bio-Filtration Co., Ltd. founded in 2001, is a domestic leading new high-tech enterprise that offers total solutions for biological laboratories. 

Jet Biofil produces high-quality plastic consumable products, widely used in such fields as biological R&D, biological research, and molecular biology. Their products are used in more than 70 countries and regions including Europe and America. Jet Biofil products are used by world-famous colleges and universities, inspection and quarantine institutions, biotech institutions, vaccine production enterprises, R&D enterprises and other large biotech companies.

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The CellFac® Multi-Layer cell culture systems are made of the High grade high polymer material GPPS. It featues a large cell growth surface area, high cell growth density and a large number of cells cultivated and harvested each time.

Cell Culture

We provide Quality Cell culture products, including:

– TC Flasks

– Cell Strainers

– TC Plates

– TC Plate Inserts

– TC Dishes

– Culture Tubes

And More!

Liquid Handling

We Offer all your Liquid handling needs, including:

  • Serological Pipettes
  • Centrifuge Tubes
  • Pasteur/Transfer Pipettes
  • Serum/Freezing Tubes
  • Media and Solution Bottles


Used for filtration of samples, biological fluids, media and media additives, and sample preparation

  • Syringe Filters and Vacuum-driven Filters
  • Different Pore sizes
  • Membrane types: MCE NYLON PVDF PES PTFE CA SFCA PES Express

Molecular Biology

We also provide quality consumables for small quanitity liquid handling, and PCR applications:

  • Pipette Tips (10ul, 20ul, 200ul, and 1000ul)
  • PCR Tubes and plates

Also Available @ HKU Core Facility from 2018 Nov 1st


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