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Branding Story

Have you noticed a squirrel hidden in the logo of arigo? Arigo Biolaboratories made itself synonymous with Smart Solutions using “squirrel” as a symbol.


As smart as squirrels, arigo provides smart solutions allowing researchers to accelerate experiments with convincing results. Unlike many other antibody companies, our scientists are dedicated to developing the most comprehensive collection of Antibody Duos and Antibody Panels. Pathway duos identifies protein-protein relationships, PTM duos detect total and modified form of target proteins, Control duos and ELISA duos accelerate experimental procedures. Antibody Panels consist of several antibodies grouped together according to their scientific relevance.


The same as squirrels responsive to the environment, scientists in arigo thoroughly analyze the research frontier and cooperate with scientists worldwide. We bring out cutting edge research solutions in the timeliest manner, to meet the needs of unlimited possibilities in the emerging life science world.


arigo scientists precisely screen our products and validate them with strict control. As a result we are proud to offer customers quality products that generate the most valuable results.


To pursue a balance in laboratory life, our staff builds out many interesting ideas, to let researchers have fun while performing experiments in the labs. Our cute squirrel will always be with you to brighten your day.

Best for the future:

Just as squirrels save the best nuts for the future, arigo is dedicated to providing our customers with the most up to date, reliable product range to get quality results and papers published. We know that your research determines the future of mankind.

Like squirrels, arigo are “nuts about antibodies”. Only the best are chosen, only the smartest are accomplished.