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Lab Consumable ( JetBiofil )

Centrifuge tube, serological pipett, TC plates, dish, flasks, pipett tips, cuvette, etc…
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MACS cell separation reagents

  • T cells
  • B cells
  • Dendritic cells
  • NK cells
  • Monocytes and macrophages
  • Granulocytes and myeloid cells
  • Cytokine-producing cells
  • Endothelial cells
  • Tumor cells
  • Cancer stem cells
  • Hematopoietic stem cells
  • Mesenchymal stem cells
  • ES and iPS cells
  • Neural cells
  • Cardiac cells

Nucleic Acid Gel Stains

  • GreenView™, 10,000X in H2O 25μL
  • GreenView™ Plus , 10,000X in DMSO 25μL
  • RedView™, 10,000X in DMSO 25μL
  • SafeGreen™ Loading Dye 100μL
  • SafeRed™ Loading Dye 100μL

Protein Detection

  • eLuminol Protein Gel Stain (1,000X) 25μL
  • Phos-Tag™ Phosphoprotein Gel Stain 50 mL
  • Phos-Tag™ Phosphoprotein Destain Solution 50 mL

GenScript ExpressPlus™ PAGE Gels

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