The PD-1 / PD-L1 Pathway

Introduction The immune system fights off pathogens, but this defensive force can be pathogenic itself when hyperactive, resulting in autoimmune diseases such as lupus and multiple sclerosis. Consequently, the body has developed multiple mechanisms to suppress the immune system when necessary. One method of immunosuppression is the PD-1 pathway. This pathway is activated in response …

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AACR 2017

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Incorporating negative controls in antibody research

Poor quality, unverified antibodies are a major factor underlying the crisis of reproducibility in research, resulting in an estimated $800 million of waste each year and a ten-fold spike in retractions over the past decade. More antibody validation protocols would identify non-specific reagents – a major source of irreproducible research – with the inclusion of …

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Nanodiamonds and Cancer

The latest addition to the Proteintech blog investigates the use of nanoparticles as a new strategy of drug delivery. ‘Nano’ research has grown to be very popular amongst the scientific community. Up until now there have already been 84 publications regarding the use of nanodiamonds in cancer therapy and diagnosis. See the full article at

A trip to New Orleans is not complete without a stop on Bourbon Street!

Are you heading to New Orleans for this years AACR Annual Meeting? If so, you’re invited to join Proteintech for their bar crawl down the famous Bourbon Street! Make sure you visit booth 749 to pick up your Proteintech cup. The cup entitles you to free drinks at each bar along with the chance to …

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