Compound Libraries

● Approved Drug Library(1700 compounds)
● Inhibitor Library(2672 compounds)
● Natural Compound Library(623 compounds)
● CADD Target Library(1.5 million)
● Clinical Compound Library(432 compounds)
● Anti-cancer Library(933 compounds)
● Bioactive Compounds(3071 compounds)
● Bioactive Lipid Library(112 compounds)
● Stem Cell Library(150 compounds)
● Apoptosis Compound Library(78 compounds)
● Protease Inhibitor Library(69 compounds)
● Epigenetics Inhibitor Library(135 compounds)
● PI3K/Akt/mTOR Library(109 compounds)
● MAPK Inhibitor Library(56 compounds)
● GPCR Compound Library(356 compounds)
● Kinase Inhibitors Library(481 compounds)
● HTS Library(5 million)
● Anti-virus Compound Library(116 compounds)
● Anti-infection Compound Library(423 compounds)
● Anti-diabetic Library(69 compounds)
● Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors Library(159 compounds)
● Ion Channel Inhibitor Library(263 compounds)
● Endocrinology-Hormones Library(186 compounds)
● Human Endogenous Ligand Library(200 compounds)
● CNS Library(600 compounds)
● Adrenergic Library(129 compounds)
● Serotonin Library(114 compounds)
● Oxidation-Reduction Library(71 compounds)
● The Hematopoietic Toxicity Library(104 compounds)
● Autophagy Library(254 compounds)
● Histamine & melatonin Library(93 compounds)
● FDA-apprared tibrary(1080 compounds)
● Custom Compound Library

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