Proteintech was founded in 2001.

As a company founded by scientists, Proteintech Group recognises the tireless efforts and sacrifices made by researchers to advance scientific discovery.
Proteintech aims to match its’ customers’ dedication to research by providing high quality, reliable reagents that contribute to reproducible results.

We offer over 20,000 different products, including antibodies against 13,000+ targets.

  • We can provide over 120,000 citations as of 2022.
  • We can also provide validation data for IHC, WB, IF etc.
As thousands of research institutes from countries across the world reply on Proteintech antibodies. Our antibodies citation count one of the top 6 in the world.

Choices of Immunogens

Proteintech raises most antibodies with protein antigens for robustness and versatility, while producing antibodies with peptide antigens to maximize specificity for specialized antibodies.

Affinity Purified Antibodies

Antibodies are purified via affinity purification, enhancing quality and affinity towards target, reducing background in WB, IF/IHC, perfect for any and all application.

What we can offer

Imaging Mass Cytometry

Antibodies – Primary, Secondary, Conjugated, ELISA Kits, IHC kits and Cell separation kit

Cytokines & Growth Factors – Research Grade, cGMP Grade

Nanobody-based Reagents – Nano- traps for IP, Chromobodies for live cell, Imaging

Our new product in 2023

  • Compatible with primary antibodies from any supplier and works with any formulation.
  • No buffer exchange needed – works with any buffer
  • Not affected by stabilizers like BSA or glycerol, amine-containing buffers, or preservatives.

Hong Kong &

Macau Distributor

ATCG is the Authorized distributor for Standard Biotools in Hong Kong & Macau. We offer the best in class products and after sales technical support services to our local customers. Contact Us for a Quote Now!
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