Analytical Devices

CyTOF XT – Reimagine Flow Cytometry

Mass cytometry, powered by CyTOF® technology, is the world’s most advanced cytometric platform.

  • Interrogate 50+ markers simultaneously
  • Barcoding – Analyze multiple samples in a single tube
  • No Auto-fluorescence

Hyperion XTi Imaging System

Imaging Mass Cytometry (IMC) generates high-dimensional spatial data at subcellular resolution.

  • Simultaneously stain, acquire and analyze 40-plus markers of interest on a tissue section
  • Protein and RNA co-detection for deeper insights
  • No autofluorescence interference for any tissue type

ELISpot and FluoroSpot Reader

ELISpot is the leading method for measuring analyte release by cells with a far greater sensitivity than supernatant-based tests including ELISAs, delivering analytical data at single-cell level.

ELISpot is also much more sensitive for detecting rare antigen-specific T and B cells than measurements using flow cytometry, even at low frequencies.

X9 High-Throughput Genomics System

X9™ High-Throughput Genomics System is a versatile microfluidics-based benchtop platform that delivers thousands of nanoliter-scale reactions in a single run.

  • Power up your qPCR experiements and generate up to 46,080 datapoints per 8-hour shift
  • Produce up to 384 barcoded libraries per day for your NGS needs

Nebula Digital PCR

Nebula systems enable you to detect or quantify nucleic acids with higher precision and confidence.

  • Absolute quantification PCR technology
  • Greater sensitivity in ctDNA mutation detection
  • Quantification of DNA or RNA molecules with high precision

Galaxy Single Cell Isolator

Single-cell sequencing technologies can be used to reveal the genome, transcriptome, epigenome and other multi-omics of single cells.

  • Cell-Beads-droplet Generation of Single Cells
  • Reagent kit for mRNA, ATAC-seq
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