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防伪, 较真就要[一]码归一[码] R&D Systems, Tocris Bioscience, Novus Biologicals

May 21, 2017/

科研中,大家对假货和以次充好深恶痛觉,因为假货不但造成可观的经济损失,导致的错误结果更可能让整个课题走上岔路。 对于知名品牌,假货就是潜伏在身后影子里的幽灵,品牌越高大,更长的影子也招来更多的幽灵。保障用户权利,驱散这些幽灵,Bio-Techne 和 ATCG 责无旁贷! 这次,我们给 R&D Systems ,Tocris Bioscience 和 Novus Biologicals 全线产品添加防伪码,让假货露出原形! 在新包装中,你可以找到 Bio-Techne 特色的重溶指南贴纸,防伪码就藏在这里的右下角: 刮开涂层,左侧的二维码一览无余,同时右侧的 16 位数字防伪码也完整呈现:…

The PD-1 / PD-L1 Pathway

May 3, 2017/

Introduction The immune system fights off pathogens, but this defensive force can be pathogenic itself when hyperactive, resulting in autoimmune…

Liver Diseases

May 1, 2017/

Mac-2 binding protein (Mac-2bp), known as 90K, is a highly N-glycosylated, secreted protein, identified as a ligand of Galectin-3. It…

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