Recombinant Antibodies for Immunotherapy Research

At Absolute Antibody we have developed a collection of recombinant engineered antibodies against clinically relevant proteins, including homologues of current therapeutic targets. We can match the antibody species to the host organism and tailor the effector function, similar to how pharmaceutical companies develop human therapeutics.

t cell receptor

Target (mouse) Clone ID Original Format
CD134 OX86 Rat IgG1
CD200 OX90 Rat IgG2a
CD28 D665 Mouse IgG1
CD28 E18 Mouse IgG2b
CD47 mIAP301 Rat IgG2a
GITR YGITR 860.103.5 Rat IgG2b
GITR YGITR 765 Rat IgG2b
GITRL YGL 386 Rat IgG1
ICOS 7E.17G9 Rat IgG2b
LAG3 YAML 555.6 Rat IgG2b
PD-1 RMP1-14 Rat IgG2a
PD-L1 alphaPD-L1 Chicken scFv
PD-L1 YDC 127.1.1 Rat IgG2a

Antibodies against proteins involved in co-stimulation and other aspects of immune cell regulation are of particular interest to therapeutics developers. Some have already entered the clinic, with more in the development pipeline. However, many aspects of immune cell signalling are still unknown, and researchers require ever more advanced tools to tap into this potential.
At Absolute Antibody, we use recombinant technology to provide superior monoclonal antibody reagents at competitive prices. In particular we can modify antibody species and isotype for greater flexibility in vivo, for example we can readily generate mouse-anti-mouse or rat-anti-rat antibodies.

Why go recombinant?
Because of their recombinant manufacture our antibodies show minimal batch-to-batch variability and have potential for customisation. We can convert any antibody into any format allowing us to offer each specificity in a range of species, isotypes and subtypes. This means our customers may ‘build’ an antibody to best suit their experiment.

  • Choose primary antibody format to suit your secondary reagent
  • Choose antibody species to be compatible with your model organism
  • Choose antibody isotype to investigate your chosen host responses (includes IgM and all IgG subtypes)
  • Choose from a range of custom engineering options such as our Fc Silent format with reduced FcR binding to remove Fc receptor function, or other such formats found in the literature (e.g. IgG1-LALA, IgG1-D265A)
  • Choose one of our listed antibodies, or apply our recombinant technology to your own clone. All our antibody services are royalty-free.
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