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MédiMabs’ mission is to be the “Go To” supplier, sought by biomedical researchers seeking quality antibodies and services that are required for the rapidly evolving, complex applications of their projects, generated in a profitable, regulated laboratory and supported by motivated scientists committed to their aim of expediting the resolution of major diseases.

MédiMabs’ Modus Operandi is based on the motto:

“From Researchers, by Researchers, to and for Researchers”

MédiMabs operates as a specialized Boutique for antibodies. MédiMabs provides researchers with high quality licensed and custom research grade MAbs and PAbs and extensive services such as the custom (de novo) generation of antibodies, peptide design and synthesis, as well as innovative, cost-effective antibody humanization. It endeavors to deliver unparalleled scientific customer support to ensure use of MédiMabs’ products in the desired respective context of clients’ projects. Thanks to its varied opportunities and collaboration possibilities with research laboratories and institutions, it is an ideal partner for R&D projects.

MédiMabs is structured so as to be in the position to analyze new needs that arise in the research world. To address such needs, MédiMabs conducts a variety of R&D projects, develops new research tools and provides antibodies and related services for which there is a high demand.

MédiMabs holds extensive expertise in major areas of today’s research interests, such as: neuroscience, including Alzheimer’s disease; cancer; metabolism; inflammation; and many others.

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