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Rubicon Genomics is a privately held company located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Our innovative products combined with our strategic partnerships have established the company as a leader in pre-analytical amplification technologies. Our core competencies, including enzymology, nucleic acid chemistry, sample processing and manufacturing, have served as engines for innovation, development of intellectual property, and ongoing product development.

Our partnerships with the academic community and our customers has fueled our engine, resulting in a robust pipeline of future products. Our products break the sample barriers for our customers allowing use of less sample from a diverse set of sample sources. Each of our kits is constructed for ease of use, robustness, and speed to results. RGI products are available for research and clinical use and can be purchased direct, through our distributors or OEM partners.

Our History

Rubicon Genomics was founded in 2000 by two University of Michigan faculty members, Dr. John Langmore and Dr. Vladimir Makarov, who wanted to advance the translation of human genetics “laboratory knowledge” into practical medical applications. The founders also decided to maintain the company’s roots in Michigan with a commitment to supporting the Michigan economy.

Our Mission

Rubicon Genomics intends to be the premier provider of platforms for the pre-analytical amplification of nucleic acid for research and clinical applications.  Our technologies’ simple protocols, fast time to results and unique ability to amplify nucleic acid from “difficult” samples differentiate our products and enable researchers and healthcare providers to more easily and cost-effectively realize the benefits of the genomic revolution.

We are proud that our kits, services, partnerships and licenses have enabled the discovery of many novel biomarkers and disease genes.

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