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When we established in 2013 we knew that antibody validation was rapidly becoming a widespread concern for bioscience. In acknowledgement of these concerns we invited a collective of industry experts, and business leaders to join the world’s First Antibody Validation Forum in 2014. You can see clips of the discussions which took place on our blog pages, or on our YouTube channel.

What We Do

We believe the best way we can guarantee satisfaction in our products is through the provision of up to date testing data, as well as independent assessment – and thereby inviting all of our customers to take part in our Antibody Validation Project, where we offer one of the greatest supplies of trial size antibodies available on the market.

Our vision is to give our researcher partners as much control over their work as possible, by providing real up to date reviews and testing information. We encourage exploration of antibody specificity, species cross-reactivity and applications testing. And we work alongside our customers to carry out performance tests, so you can be assured that quality is the top of our agenda.

With our platform, come and explore the performance of your required antibody before making a purchase and we’ll work to help you reduce the risk on your research, and save on essential research funds.

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