Enzo Biochem has been a leader in innovation and product development to support a diverse range of needs in biomedical research and healthcare for over 45 years. With a comprehensive portfolio of 20,000 high-quality products including antibodies, genomic probes, assays, biochemicals, and proteins, Enzo supports the work of academic research centers and industry partners who are shaping the future of healthcare around the world.

High Quality Antibodies Delivering Superior Results

Enzo Life Sciences offers thousands of antibodies against peptides, whole or partial proteins, and modified peptides or proteins. Backed by thousands of peer-reviewed citations, our Worry-free Antibody Trial Program, and expert technical support, you can count on Enzo antibodies to deliver reliable, consistent, accurate data.

Rigorously validated for WB, IP, ELISA, IHC, ICC, IF, and flow cytometry

Superb performance documented in thousands of peer-reviewed publications

Expanded utility provided by common fluorophore and enzyme conjugates

Convenient secondary antibodies and positive control lysates and proteins

Bulk production and custom conjugation/formulation services to meet your needs

Stem Cells
Epigenetics & DNA Regulation
Heat Shock Proteins & Chaperones
Signal Transduction
Oxidative Stress
Oxidative Stress
Ubiquitin & Proteasome
Wnt Pathway

SCREEN-WELL® Compound Libraries complement our wide range of small molecules

Enzo Life Sciences has a long and successful track record in identifying, synthesizing and commercializing known bioactives for use as research tool compounds and in assembling relevant sets of focused compounds for screening.

Our long-standing, flagship SCREEN-WELL® Compound Library product family offers an easy, ready-to-use alternative for compound screening. Each library includes:

  • A unique collection of small molecules including inhibitors, activators and/or inducers.
  • Complete documentation set that highlights activity descriptions, plate positions, physical information and a structural database (SD) file
  • The ability to re-supply individual bulk compounds, custom libraries, or hard to source compounds

A Trusted Source for High Quality Proteins

Enzo Life Sciences offers more than 1000 native and recombinant proteins, enzymes, antigens and toxins. Our expertise includes the production and purification of complex proteins from bacterial, insect, mammalian and yeast expression systems.

  • Includes native and recombinant proteins, enzymes, antigens, toxins and venoms.
  • Production and purification of complex proteins from a range of expression systems: Bacterial, Insect, Mammalian, and Yeast.
  • Experienced manufacturing results in consistent and dependable lot-to-lot performances.
  • Validated for high purity, low endotoxin content, high enzyme kinetics, inhibitor screening, cleaving target substrates and much more.
  • Highly documented in thousands of peer-reviewed publications.
  • Bulk production and custom conjugation/formulation services.

Other Products

  • Activity Kits
  • Detection kits
  • ELISA development kits
  • Immunoassay – ELISA kits
  • Isolation/Purification kits
  • Labeling kits
  • Synthesis kits
  • Activator
  • Blocker
  • Buffer
  • Inhibitor
  • Ligand
  • Substrate
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