Exosomes are small membrane vesicles of endocytic origin that are released by many cell types, (e.g., T cells, B cells, dendritic cells, platelets, neurons, and epithelial cells) and are involved in various biological processes, including immune surveillance, blood coagulation, neuronal communication, stem cell maintenance and tissue repair. Due to their small size, it has been difficult to analyze exosomes by standard flow cytometry, posing a technical limitation to scientific advancement in this field.

Miltenyi Biotec has developed the MACSPlex Exosome Kit, human to enable an easy and fast screening of potential exosome surface proteins. We recommend pre-enriching exosomes from human plasma, cell culture supernatants or body fluids like urine or ascites using the Exosome Isolation Kit Pan, human, Exosome Isolation Kit CD9, human, Exosome Isolation Kit CD63, human, or Exosome Isolation Kit CD81, human.

The MACSPlex Exosome Kit has been developed for the simultaneous flow cytometric detection of 37 surface epitopes that are known to be present on different exosomes plus two isotype control beads.

MACSPlex Exosome Kit

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