ThunderBio 达普生物

Incubated by the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Dapu Bio was founded in 2018. It is a leading company in droplet microfluidics in China and is committed to providing world-leading life science solutions. The company has R&D centers in Shenzhen, Jiaxing and Hong Kong, with nearly 100 R&D teams, focusing on the application of droplet microfluidics technology in the field of biomedicine and precision medicine, and is committed to becoming a leading manufacturer of microfluidic chips, instruments and reagents. A complete solution provider integrating R&D and production. A variety of scientific instruments based on droplet microfluidics technology have been commercialized, including Comet High Throughput Sorting System, Galaxy Single Cell Analysis System and Xingyun Digital PCR System ( Nebula dPCR System) , which can be applied in antibody screening, enzyme evolution, synthetic biology, high-throughput drug screening, cancer research, early cancer screening, targeted therapy, non-invasive prenatal diagnosis and virus quantification, biological product quality inspection and other fields . At present, it has served more than 100 leading domestic biomedicine, scientific research service providers and IVD companies, and has been widely recognized in the industry.

达普生物孵化于香港科技大学,于2018年创立,是中国液滴微流控领军企业,致力于提供世界领先的生命科学解决方案。公司在深圳、嘉兴、香港三地设有研发中心,研发团队近百人,聚焦于将液滴微流控技术应用于生物医药与精准医学领域,致力于成为集微流控芯片、仪器、试剂的研发和生产于一体的完整解决方案提供商。已商业化多款基于液滴微流控技术的科学仪器,包括高通量筛选系统(Comet High Throughput Sorting System)、星海单细胞测序建库系统(Galaxy Single Cell Analysis System)与星云数字PCR系统(Nebula dPCR System),可应用于抗体筛选、酶进化、合成生物学、高通量药物筛选、癌症研究、癌症早期筛查、靶向治疗、无创产前诊断和病毒定量、生物制品质检等领域。目前已服务超过100家国内头部生物医药、科研服务商与IVD企业,在业内获得广泛的认可。

Technology 技术

ThunderBio has more than ten years of professional development experience. Has a number of patents in the field of microfluidics and molecular diagnostics, the world’s leading high-barrier technology and a broad application market.


Single Droplet Sorting 单液滴分选

Integrating microfluidic chip technology and flow cytometry A new generation of single-cell droplet sorting technology 集微流控芯片技术和流式细胞术于一体 新一代单细胞液滴分选技术

Single Cell Sequencing 单细胞测序

Multi-omics analysis of single cells at the level of hundreds to tens of thousands 可进行数百至数万级别的单细胞多组学分析

Single Nucleic Acid Detection 单核酸检测

Absolute quantification of single molecules rapidly realized by third generation digital PCR technology 第三代数字PCR技术 快速实现单分子的绝对定量

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