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ATCG Limited is a venture setup to better serve science. Our mission is to enable scientists to make the world healthier.
We help our customers accelerate life sciences research by bringing to them state-of-the-art technologies.

Feature Products

          What if…

Your Flow Cytometer can analyse 50+ targets in a single tube, with Distinct Signals, no autofluorescence, and no compensation required?

                   Quality Recombinant Proteins, at affordable prices,
                   for all Research areas

                  • Cancer Biomarkers
                  • Cancer Drug Targets
                  • Cytokines and Growth Factors
                  • Virus Research products

High Quality Plastic Consumables
Affordable Prices

  • Cell Culture
  • Liquid Handling
  • Filtration

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Our Services

Oligo Order

Oligo synthesis service from Sangon Biotech

CRO Service

CRO service for recombinant protein, antibody and more

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